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It can be quite overwhelming when someone dies, because you are dealing with the emotional aspects as well as all the legal and administrative tasks. The good news is that there is plenty of help and guidance available.

The links to the most commonly used resources for the administration are below. Links for emotional support are here.

General information

This government website is a useful starting point as it takes you through each step and stage, with relevant links.

The Ministry of Justice has access to statutory forms.

Registering a death

A death must be registered in the district in which it occurred, regardless of where the person lived. It must be registered within 5 days of death, unless the coroner is involved (see below). The links below take you to the specific districts;

The Bereavement Register

This takes names off mailing lists, stopping most advertising mail.

Coroners’ Service

The coroner is a doctor/lawyer who has responsibility for investigating deaths occurring in particular situations. A coroner can arrange for a post-mortem examination of the body. 

There are a number of reasons why a death might have to be reported to the coroner. It may be because:

  • There was no doctor treating the deceased during the last illness and therefore there is no doctor who is legally qualified to issue a medical certificate of the cause of death
  • The doctor certifying the death has not seen the deceased after the death or within 14 days of the death 
  • The death was the result of an accident, injury or self neglect
  • The death occurred during an operation or was the result of an industrial disease related to the deceased’s occupation.

In all these circumstances the registrar is legally required to report the death to the coroner in order to properly establish the cause of death. The registrar cannot register the death until the coroner has notified the registrar.

Lelley Fields documents

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All documents that are specific to Lelley Fields Crematorium services and memorials can be found here. Click on the relevant document to download the form in Microsoft Word format.
statutory application

Statutory application

notice of cremation

Preliminary form

statutory application

Another one here

statutory application

Another one here

Charity & support

There are many organisations offering support and guidance during and after bereavement, including these below;
Cruse bereavement support logo


Provides information and support for those dealing with bereavement

Sands logo


Gives information and support to those affected by the death of a baby

Widowed and Young logo

Widowed and Young

Peer to peer support to anyone aged under 50 when their partner has died

at a loss logo

At a loss

Helping you find the right support and counselling

survivors of bereavement by suicide logo

Survivors of Bereavement by suicide

For people bereaved as a result of suicide

the good grief trust logo

Widowed and Young

Run by the bereaved, for the bereaved to provide help and reassurance

child bereavement UK logo

Child Bereavement UK

For anyone affected by a child grieving or dying

grief encounter logo

Grief encounter

Providing a lifeline to children and young people affected by the death of someone close to them

the cinnamon trust logo

The Cinnamon Trust

Providing long term care for pets whose owners have died or moved into accommodation that does not accept pets

Cats Protection

Helping with rehoming cats when their owner has died or moved into accommodation that does not accept pets



Gentle activity sessions for anyone who has experienced the death of a loved one. Sessions are free and suitable for all

Humber Wellbeing Hub

The Humber Wellbeing Hub

The Humber Wellbeing hub has been purposefully developed to support people with mental health issues or who maybe experiencing thoughts of suicide. Our focus is that of the community, connection and kindness to support meeting our aim

Talking About Loss

Talking About Loss

Talking About Loss provide warm, friendly and supportive peer-led meet-up groups for like-minded people to talk freely about loss.

dovehouse hospice

Dove House Hospice

Providing essential bereavement support for local families, including child bereavement groups and social groups for the whole community

The Mesothelioma Center is the USA’s most trusted mesothelioma resource. We are Patient Advocates who provide exclusive services to help mesothelioma patients and their loved ones through every step of their journey