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and memorials


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There are costs associated with cremations, some of which are essential and some are optional. We aim to explain every cost clearly, to be as transparent as possible with our pricing and to offer a top level service at acceptable and sensible prices.

Essential service costs

(Weekday services only)

Service typeDurationMusicPrice
Unattended5 minutesN£500
Goodbye service15 minutesY£650
Standard service1 hourY£975

Services held on weekday evenings and Saturdays will be charged at 1.5x the weekday fee.
Services held on Sundays and Bank Holidays will be charged at 2x the weekday fee.

Optional costs

Use of service hall for 60 minutes with music£300
Use of staff member as bearer *£30
Temporary deposit of ashes **£10 p/m

* Subject to availability
** Up to a maximum of 6 months

Duplicate cremation certificate£25
Scattering of ashes from another crematorium£100
Family attendance at scattering
(outside of office hours, subject to availability)

Memorial costs

Inscribed memorial leafLarge5 years£300
Inscribed memorial leafLarge10 years£500
Inscribed memorial leafMedium ***5 years£250
Inscribed memorial leafMedium ***10 years£450

*** Under 18’s only

Inscribed kerbside leafn/a5 years£600
Inscribed kerbside leafn/a10 years£800
DescriptionNo. of plaquesLeasePrice
Shared tree dedication1 plaque5 years£600
Family tree dedicationUp to 4 plaques5 years£900 for first plaque, £400 per additional plaque

10 year leases are available for an additional £500

DescriptionNo. of bulbsLeasePrice
Bulb donation25 bulbsn/a£15
Bulb donation50 bulbsn/a£30
Bulb donation100 bulbsn/a£45
Bulb donation150 bulbsn/a£50
Bulb donation300 bulbsn/a£100