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This section is for Funeral Directors and other industry professionals and details the facilities, capacities and booking procedures. Links to all the required paperwork can also be found here.

General information

The Ministry of Justice provides links to statutory forms


Oak Hall
Accommodates up to 150, with 100 seated and a further 40-50 standing.

Birch Hall
Accommodates up to 80, with 50 seated and a further 20-30 standing.

Family room
Seats up to 7 people.


The canopy at the entrance to the Service Halls is 3.5m high, accommodating high vehicles and horse-drawn carriages.

The access road is 5m wide and the turning circle has been designed to accommodate larger vehicles, including coaches and fire engines.


We have 2 cremators which can accommodate coffins up to 250kg/39st and measuring up to (length 84″, width 41″, height 29″).

Booking & Arranging 

If you wish to view our crematorium diary or book a cremation service please follow the link. This service is for Funeral Directors only.

Statutory forms are available from the Ministry of Justice (link at top of section). Forms specific to Lelley Fields Crematorium can be accessed from the section below.

Completed forms should be emailed or delivered to us at least 3 working days before the service is due to take place.


We aim to explain every cost clearly, to be as transparent as possible with our pricing and to offer a top level service at acceptable and sensible prices.

Online Bookings

We offer Funeral Directors online access to our bookings diary, to book services out of office hours.

We supply a unique password for you to log-on and make bookings.

Once we have issued your password, use the button below to access the Funeral Director Booking Portal, then click on ‘Log In’ to open the portal using your email and password.

Music and Media Services

Families can access an extensive music library and create visual tributes through our media partner Obitus. We have the facility to webcast or record services. Screens are also situated in the waiting room.

We have an induction loop for the hard of hearing.


Lellet Fields Brand Mark
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