Caring for

the environment


Environmental considerations

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Minimising the impact on the environment, during the build and into the future, is a key focus at Lelley Fields Crematorium.

Metal recycling

After cremation there may be some metal remains, from the coffin or from orthopaedic implants such as titanium hip replacements. 

Lelley Fields sends metal to a specialist business in Sheffield where it is recycled (when consent has been given by the family.) The proceeds are returned to us and distributed to local charities and used for community benefit at Lelley Fields.

Floral tributes

Only natural floral tributes are used at Lelley Fields, as these can be composted and put back into the gardens.


There are numerous bird and bat boxes around the site, to ensure the existing wildlife isn’t disturbed and to encourage new wildlife in.

RTN Soil

RTN stands for Return To Nature and is an organic mixture which is combined with ashes to allow them to be returned to the soil, without any harmful impact. 

Cremated remains have high pH levels, so the nutrients within the ashes are not naturally released but are locked in. The ashes are also high in sodium (salt), which can be harmful to plants.

By mixing the ashes with RTN, the nutrients are unlocked and the effect of the sodium is diluted so the ashes can be scattered, or used for a specific planting, without causing any harm.

Ashes that are scattered in the memorial gardens or used for plantings are automatically mixed with RTN.