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Offering services that meet the spiritual, social, ethical and environmental needs of the community while providing everyone with a meaningful and personal funeral.

Lelley Fields is a new addition in a historic landscape. Every aspect of the design and the building has been created with this in mind, ensuring the crematorium sits as both a welcome and welcoming addition in the surroundings.

It is more than building – it is part of the Holderness community, providing education and support around bereavement and also gardening and horticulture, ecology and the environment. And it is more than a crematorium – it is a community venue, a teaching and learning space and a meeting point.

The little touches that make the big difference

Built in 2021, Lelley Fields is designed to accommodate every aspect of a modern cremation service in the best possible way.

When visitors arrive they will find ample and discrete parking, sited to keep traffic separate from visitors and services. Access to the single storey building is step-free and inside there are accessible toilets, baby changing facilities and a private family room.

There is a generous gap of 30 minutes between each service, giving everyone time to arrive and leave without overlapping with other services and to avoid any sense of being rushed.

The light and airy Service Halls have feature windows to bring the Holderness landscape into the space, which is designed for comfort and adaptability with the use of individual seats and a movable catafalque.

Outside, the porches above the entrance doors are higher than normal, allowing large and unusual funeral vehicles easy access. Throughout the site, visitors will see local building materials and plants and the art and memorials have been created by UK artists.

The grounds have been thoughtfully designed and planted to create a space for everyone to use and enjoy. Trees and plants create natural divisions and there is a specific area for children, where they can play in willow tunnels and on boulders.

The website will give you more information and the Virtual Tour will take you through the building, room by room. We also welcome anyone who would like to look around on a personal tour or at one of our regular Open Days. 

Inside the crematorium

Lellet Fields Brand Mark

Service Halls

There are two Halls, each designed to be adaptable spaces with movable seating and catafalques. The built-in media system brings music, photos and video to the service and state-of-the-art lighting gives you the opportunity to bathe the walls in a choice of colours.

Family Room

This space is in the main reception block and is used when people are collecting ashes and discussing memorial options with our staff. It is a quiet space to sit, providing a peaceful retreat away from the services and is informally furnished with sofas and a coffee table to keep it welcoming and friendly.

The Cremator

Lelley Fields has two cremators, allowing cremations to take place within a short time of the service. There is a secure, refrigerated storage area which is used should there be any delay between the service and the cremation. For those friends and family wishing to view the coffin being placed in the cremator, there is a viewing room.

Outside the crematorium

Lellet Fields Brand Mark

The grounds

Making the most of the local landscape, tranquility and views, the grounds offer visitors a place to walk and talk or sit and reflect. With open spaces, wooded areas, ponds and willow tunnels, there is ample space for people, plants and wildlife to enjoy the grounds together. As the plantings mature and the wildflower meadows become established, they will become an extension to the local area, enveloping Lelley Fields Crematorium into the Holderness landscape.

Scattering glades

Within the grounds there are six dedicated areas for scattering ashes, two of which are dedicated to children’s ashes. Whether the cremation has taken place at Lelley Fields Crematorium or elsewhere, everyone is welcome to arrange with staff to scatter ashes in these glades.

*Scattering is the term used to describe ashes that are mixed with RTN soil and then placed under the turf, so they are placed and remain below the surface

Memorial trees

Two sculptural trees, crafted in the UK, hold memorial leaves engraved with messages of remembrance.  As new leaves are added these trees will grow, creating a reminder of people who have been loved.

Elsewhere, native trees create interest throughout the seasons. With the option to add a memorial plaque, many of these will become living reminders of people’s loved ones.

Children’s Area

A very special part of our grounds, this area is designed for children to enjoy and also to remember children who have died. Younger visitors can play in the willow tunnels, on the boulder seats and among the woodcarvings, which are set around the children’s sculptural memorial tree which holds leaves inscribed with dedications to children who have died. There are also two scattering glades, exclusively for children’s ashes.


Tributes to your loved one

Lellet Fields Brand Mark
A timeless range of memorials placed in our tranquil surroundings
in the heart of Holderness.

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